The solution to all of your personal and business needs

FKS offers some very unique solutions for everyday life. The main solutions we offer are helping our customers reach new audiences, keep their computer equipment up and running at the same time recovering and avoiding data nightmares, and cutting the cost of using large companies for needed tasks. If you do not see your solution just ask and our team will be able to provide a solution for your needs.






Basic Computer Training: $30 per hr (2-hr. limit per session):

     •     We will come directly to your home and teach you how to use the basic software that comes with your computer. Our knowledgeable trainers will help you learn everything from how to share email messages to creating fun projects with your home video. We specialize in Apple’s Macintosh 10.x operating system (Mac OS X).  We can also teach Windows 7 and Windows 8.

Complete System Setup: $45 per CPU $85 with Data transfer:

     •     We will come to your home and set up your printer and other peripherals, internet service, email service, and user accounts.

     •     We can also transfer your data from one computer to another so you can be up and running without the hassle of having to go back and forth between your new and old computer. We make bringing all of your important files over to the new system easy!

Computer Upgrades and minor repairs:

     •     RAM upgrade installations $35

     •     Hard Drive replacements and upgrades start at $65

     •     Minor repairs $40 per hour

     •     Most hard drive replacements and repairs cannot be done on site but will be picked up and returned to you usually within 3 business days. Repair and replacement turnaround time is subject to availability of parts and work load.

Hard Drive data recovery: $150 per recovery:

     •     We will attempt a recovery on any hard drive that can still spin. We will salvage your information to the best of our ability but cannot guarantee that the data will be completely recovered, undamaged or that corruption will not occur to certain files.  The cost is $150 per hard drive, per recovery, on drives 250GB or less (Special rates for drives over 250GB). If FK Solutions removes the drive, an additional $40 will be added for hard drive replacement (ATA and SATA 2.5 and 3.5 drives).